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Carpets for Luxury Residences

Have you noticed that carpet is enjoying something of a comeback? While hardwood flooring, stone, marble and polished concrete are all still popular in luxury residences, in certain areas of the home we’re seeing a shift back towards high-quality, sumptuous carpets.

Iguassu carpet on a white staircase

IGUASSU, Allure collection

Brasilia carpet in a living room with woman relaxing

BRASILIA, Allure collection


Wood and other hard surfaces are a practical choice in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways because they are sleek, durable and easy to look after. They can, however, also be noisy (not to mention unforgiving if you drop something) and feel cold underfoot.

Carpet, on the other hand, is soft, springy and cosy – especially when paired with a top-quality underlay. The huge range of colours, designs and textures on the market make it a versatile choice and its thermal and acoustic insulation properties are also beneficial where noise is a concern.

For all of these reasons it is commonly installed in the bedrooms and communal spaces of the finest, most luxuriously appointed hotels. Consumers looking for the same five-star standards and lavish finishes in their own homes are increasingly returning to the comfort of carpet.

Samples of Firenze in neutrals and blue



The bedroom is the space that is most obviously suited to carpet. We like it to be a calm, luxurious and indulgent haven to which we can escape when the hustle and bustle of life gets too much. It is also the room in which we are most likely to wander barefoot, so it makes sense to treat our toes to a beautiful, tactile, velvety carpet. We would recommend natural fibres – wool or silk – as they feel plush and keep their appearance well. Topfloor’s new wilton-weave wall-to-wall carpet collection, ALLURE, is made from New Zealand wool:

Amazon carpet in the bedroom of a luxury apartment

AMAZON, Allure collection


With 22 different textures and materials including wool, mohair, merino wool, silk, linen and viscose to choose from, the aptly named CARESS collection also offers a range of soft, tactile and luxurious designs.

CARESS designs can be made in almost any colour and any pile height, from 8mm to 65mm – perfect for sinking your feet into. They can be ordered as rugs or as wall-to-wall applications, with a maximum width of 12 metres without joins. Stain proofing is also available, making it a practical and easy-maintenance option.

Mohair NAPOLI rugs in a variety of colours


If you’re planning to fit wall-to-wall carpet in a shared living space, we would recommend opting for wool – especially if you have children or are accident prone! As well as being environmentally friendly, wool is robust and naturally resistant to stains so will hold up well in heavy-traffic areas. A high-quality design will have a high pile density, making it resilient and long lasting.

BUZIOS carpet in sitting room of amazing mountain retreat

BUZIOS, Allure collection

Noise dampening
These days, with modern high-tech sound systems, built-in speakers and televisions in almost every room, homes are noisy places. Because carpet is efficient in reducing noise transmission and absorbing vibrations, it is an excellent choice for games rooms, home cinemas/media rooms and home offices. It could also dampen the sound of loud music coming from teenagers’ bedrooms – always a blessing!

Thick-pile cream GENOA rug


Although neutral shades have been popular for years, for the obvious reason that they go with anything, carpet doesn’t have to fade into the background. ‘New neutrals’ include pale golds, blues, greens and greys, and if you really want to give your floor the limelight, there are many bright colours, bold patterns and interesting textures to choose from. Your carpet can dictate the ambience of a room – light colours will make the room feel airy and spacious, while darker hues will create a more intimate, cosy feel. If you’re reluctant to cover your hardwood floors completely, an extra-large rug that is ‘framed’ by your flooring is a great solution.

Enamel in a room with sofa and wooden floor


For something truly unique, consider commissioning a carpet or rug that is tailor made for your space – a one-off piece of art for your floor! Bespoke dyeing in a wide range of colours and an array of materials, textures and patterns to choose from mean that the possibilities really are endless; and the months of craftsmanship that go into the creation of such a piece make it an opulent, high-status product that is sure to turn heads.

Technological developments and expert craftsmanship have once again made carpet a popular choice at the luxury end of the market – and with such a vast range of rich colours, imaginative designs and sensuous textures to choose from, it’s not hard to see why.

For more inspiration or to discuss a bespoke Topfloor commission, contact us here.