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London Design Week 2017: Introducing TOPFLOOR’s Re-Weave collection

Next week will see designers, architects and style seekers from all over the world make their way to Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour for London Design Week 2017 (12-17 March). We’re excited to announce that TOPFLOOR’s brand-new Re-Weave collection of flat weaves will be officially launched during the event.

close-up of three kilims in shades of brown and taupe with striped patterns

Hand-made kilims have been used as prayer rugs, dowries or simply as decorative floor coverings and wall hangings across Turkey, North Africa, the Balkans and beyond for centuries. They have become increasingly collectible in the West in recent years, valued for their warm colours and one-of-a-kind designs.

The vintage kilims that comprise the Re-Weave collection are around 100 years old and were sourced from Esti’s homeland of Turkey. They have been reworked to enhance their durability and re-dyed in TOPFLOOR’s signature contemporary colours, resulting in the perfect fusion of heritage and modernity. The designs are tightly woven from hemp, wool or cotton; some incorporate other fibres such as goat hair and ribbon into the weave to add textural depth.

Closeup of textural surface of a Re-Weave kilim

Traditional kilims feature bold geometrics and embroidered ethnic motifs, sometimes with symbolic value, but the designs in the Re-Weave collection have a more subtle aesthetic, making them a versatile choice for a contemporary home. Designs include checks, tweed and two-colour weaves as well as simple, primitive patterns.

Full kilim with checked pattern Closeup of white kilim with simple pattern

Each piece is a one-off to be sold from stock – prices range from £502 for a runner to £1,592 for larger pieces measuring 277cm x 309cm. A made-to-order option is also available, enabling interior designers to select the kilim style, colour and texture that best suits their room scheme.

Kilim runners from Re-Weave collection - checked design on the left, striped on the right

TOPFLOOR’s sensitive reinterpretation of these vintage pieces retains all of their beauty and natural characteristics, while at the same time making them relevant for the 21st-century consumer. Their rich textures and ‘abrash’ (the colour variations that occur with natural dye) are celebrated as inherent components of their beauty.

Re-Weave kilim in neutral colours with simple cross design

‘Kilim-making deserves our respect – it is one of the oldest traditions in the world,’ says Esti. ‘Every one of our kilims has its own story and is, in a sense, a work of art. For us, the irregularities and imperfections only add to their beauty. Traditionally it is said that one’s kilim becomes more beautiful each year, and we would have to agree!’

Iilim from Re-Weave collection in shades of blue with dappled pattern

‘The launch of this collection is very timely,’ adds Esti. ‘Because flat-weave rugs don’t have a woolly pile they are very lightweight and cool, making them particularly well suited to summer houses and conservatories. If you buy now, your TOPFLOOR kilim will be in situ in plenty of time for the spring and summer months.’

Striped kilim in shades of blue, with a summery feel

With the Re-Weave collection, Esti has breathed new life into old designs, ensuring that they will continue to be enjoyed for years to come. If you’d like to view this varied selection of beautiful one-off pieces, visit our showroom during London Design Week or make an appointment via our website.

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