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Design and Art in Paris and London

September is a pivotal month for interior designers around the world. Between Paris Design Week, Maison et Objet, London Design Festival, Decorex International and London Design Biennale, designers from far and wide pack their bags and head to the two capital cities to uncover the latest and greatest materials, processes and themes that will go on to shape the industry.

Place Vendome. Photo credit: Esti Barnes

From artists, to authors, to musicians and photographers, both Paris and London are renowned for their rich history of cultural alumni. Here are the movements and creative legacies that have inspired us here at Topfloor.

Art Deco

Also known as ‘style moderne’, Art Deco was a movement within the worlds of decorative arts and architecture and originated in 1920s Paris. The name was derived from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in 1925 in the city of love. One of the most influential movements ever, Art Deco represented modernism as it transformed into fashion and luxury. Key figures from this period rejected traditional styles and crafted luxury items, as well as mass-produced wares and architectural icons like the Chrysler building in New York. We love everything about this era of design – fashion, jewellery, interiors, architecture and everything that came with it – and its influence can be found in a number of our rug designs.

Topfloor Marlene Rug, Jazz Age Collection

Jean-Louis Deniot

Someone who we both work with and admire is interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot. His academic training translates into narratives that are simultaneously informal and bold and his eclectic, emblematic interiors are celebrated worldwide. When he does contemporary he does it with with a profound use of history and references that infuse with his unique style to produce a timeless yet timely atmosphere.

Topfloor Roots rug, The Script Collection

Hassan Massoudy

Artist Hassan Massoudy – who was the inspiration behind our Script collection – is an Iraqi artist who lives and works in Paris. He has taken calligraphy as an artform and transposed it into dance and performance art as well as more contemporary interpretations of traditional script styles.

The Swinging Sixties

An era that continues to define British culture, the 1960s blossomed as a revolutionary decade where rule-breaking shaped fashion, music and art, and creative industries thrived on a country’s lust for liberation. Youth ruled and experimentation was everything. Bands like the Beatles encouraged younger generations to own their sense of self and there was a shift in socio-economic power that saw the mad men of the ad world challenged to appeal to a new audience demanding revolution.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Home to a permanent collection of more than 2.27 million objects and artefacts and a constant source of inspiration, London’s Victoria & Albert museum is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. The story of the V&A, which was opened in 1852 and was named after the Queen and her husband at the time, can actually be traced back to the Great Exhibition of 1851, of which Henry Cole (the first director of the museum) was involved in planning. Recent favourite exhibitions have included Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up and Shoes: Pleasure and Pain.

David Hockney

Britain has produced some incredible, groundbreaking artists and one of our favourites is Hockney. His playful, colourful and often thought-provoking style has documented life, love and culture for decades and he was a key contributor to the Pop Art movements of the sixties. He is sometimes compared to Matisse, whose work we also admire, and hails from beautiful Yorkshire.

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