Five Ways to Transform Your Interiors with Rugs and Carpets in 2019

A new year always brings a sense of refreshment and with it the enthusiasm to make positive changes in our lives and homes. There is a common misconception that altering the interiors of a home has to be a costly and intrusive process, but that is not always the case. As lovers of beautiful design we at Topfloor have seen first-hand the transformative power of flooring and how one small change can have a profound impact on the feel of a space.

Think seasonally…
The right rug has the ability to add to or develop an existing colour scheme. It is worth considering sourcing two differing styles for your living room: a thin, light-coloured rug for summer and a chunkier, darker one for the winter months. Transforming the mood of your room can be as easy as swapping between the two.

Topfloor Emmenthal rug (for winter)
Topfloor Kaftan Rug (for summer)

Go for a run(ner)…
Not all spaces are created equal. Some are sprawling and generously proportioned, others are narrow and might be short of natural light. When this is the case, or you wish to highlight a set of stairs or a grand entrance, a runner might be the most appropriate option. Explore unconventional forms pattern and bold colour within our GO-GO collection.

Topfloor Spiderman Runner

More is more…
Scale is one of the most important things to consider when designing a room. How your various pieces of furniture and chosen accessories interact with each other can completely alter the feel of a room. Interiors stylist and journalist Cate St Hill explains, “Getting a bigger rug that can be placed comfortably under furniture doesn’t just make the space look larger, it also helps to create a warm, cosy space that you and your guests will want to linger in.”

Topfloor Endless Rug

Get in formation…
We’ve always enjoyed experimenting with different shapes and styles to create unexpected rugs, and interior stylist PJ Mehaffey has great advice for making the most of different forms. “How you arrange furniture can help play up the rug’s shape. For round and oval rugs arrange most of the furniture, like sofas and chairs, just off the edge, so the shape of the rug is really featured.”

Topfloor Endive Rug

Connect with your home…
As Nylon’s digital design director Liz Riccardi explains, everything is connected, “The allure of a rug is palpable because they are something you physically touch—you sit, stand, walk, and lie on them. For me, a rug is the first thing my feet touch when I get out of bed every morning, and I think there’s something about that act that creates a very strong sense memory connection. The best rugs are really works of art. And the thing is, they can totally transform any space.”

Topfloor Venezia Rug

All rugs shown designed by Esti Barnes.

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