How To Choose The Perfect Rug

A rug is often one of the focal points of a room, and can even be the centrepiece that draws an interior together. For this reason, many customers can find the prospect of choosing a rug daunting, but it needn’t be a stressful process. We are here to help make the process of choosing your rug as enjoyable as choosing any other element of your interiors. Here are our top tips on choosing a rug you love and will live with for years to come…

Consider the pattern
If housing more than one rug in a room, it is important to make sure the two pieces don’t clash. Matching rugs is a simple solution to ensure a cohesive look, but if you want to add dramatic flair, try mixing patterns. Patterned rugs with complementary colour schemes work well together in large spaces.

How to choose the perfect rug. Topfloor rugs

Patience, from the SCRIPT collection

Don’t forget about texture
Textures are a wonderful way of adding interest. Texture is more difficult to perfect than pattern but, if executed in the right way, can make a rug both a statement and a piece that is easy to live with, adding beauty to your room without overwhelming the scheme. Single or muted colours, if used with heavy or even light texture, can make both the rugs and your room more attractive. Our Esquire design is a beautifully textured yet neutral design that works well in many different settings.

Choosing the perfect rug. Topfloor rugs

Esquire, from the 3D collection

Choose unusual shapes
Contrary to popular belief, there is no law that says rugs have to be rectangular, and interesting shape rugs are perfect for adding a point of interest to a room. Even if made using a single colour, odd or geometric shapes can result in a rug that is eye-catching, fun and a great talking point. Don’t be afraid to venture away from traditional shapes.

Choosing the perfect rug. Topfloor rugs. Endive

Endive, from the 2D collection

Play with colour
Another extreme not to be afraid of is the use of bold colour. At Topfloor, we consider our rugs to be horizontal artworks, and believe they should be treated as such. Even if other elements in the room contain colourful patterns, rugs with colour can still work, and can even complement their surroundings, if selected carefully. We are always happy to advise clients on colour-matching rugs with existing interiors.

Choosing the perfect rug. Topfloor rugs. Kaftan

Kaftan, from the Ottomania collection

Get your measurements right
The size of your rug is important. If it is too small, it can be lost in its surroundings, and can even make a room appear smaller. If it is too large, it can be overwhelming and its design impact is lost. Ensure you take your whole room into account when measuring, and find a rug that settles in perfectly with the rest of the interior. It’s a good idea to place rugs underneath furniture such as sofas. This will make the room feel bigger as well as prevent shoes from scuffing the rug’s edges.

Go for quality
A very important factor to take into account is the quality of the rug you are buying. A lower quality piece may appear more affordable in the short term, but will ultimately cost you more in the long run as it ages badly. Invest in a high-quality, luxury piece and it will last you a long time, retaining its beauty. Unlike other flooring, rugs can also be taken with you when you move home, making them worthwhile investments.

Choosing the perfect rug. Topfloor rugs. Esti Barnes

Endless, from the Metallica collection

Pick the right material
Where possible, it is always better to choose rugs with natural fibres. For wear, maintenance and softness, we suggest wool. For a luxurious sheen, we recommend silk. If you have budget constraints, bamboo is a wonderful alternative that looks similar to silk but is more hardwearing, as well as being environmentally friendly. For outdoor rugs, our Rain or Shine collection features designs made from 100% polyester, making them hardwearing and waterproof, and even suitable for use in bathrooms.

Choosing the perfect rug. Topfloor rugs. Rain or shine

Snowberry, from the Rain or Shine collection

We hope that these tips have given you confidence and inspiration when it comes to choosing the perfect rug for your scheme. However, we are always happy to offer advice and inspiration on finding the right rug for you. Do drop into our showroom at Chelsea Design Centre, or call us on 020 7795 3333 to find out more about our services.