"She has a strong aesthetic, the quality of her products is exceptionally high and my clients feel very comfortable with her."

Paul Williams
PSW Designs

"I meant to send you an email ages ago to congratulate you on winning this prestigious award, which was indeed well deserved - such an innovative design..."

Brigid O’Brien
Greville Interiors

"I want to tell you, that for me - you are the best rugs designer in the world."

Ingrid Smahovska

"Very interesting speaking to the knowledgeable and creative @esti_barnes and her team @topfloorbyesti"

Grant Wiggins
Orangery Interiors

"I will tell you that I do see this type of aesthetic slowly making its way to the US. You may be a year ahead of the curve but it’s always nice to be the first one out of the gate!

As you know, a full page is incredibly impressive so kudos to you and your incredible wealth of talent. Congratulations again on a lovely collection and collaboration."

Karen Donaghy
Interior Design Magazine

"It is our privilege to share it to the world because we believe you and your artistry are truly an inspiration."

Maya C’balleros
Managing Editor, Architect and Aficionado

"I have seen a lot written about it over the internet and saw some amazing pictures of the rugs. The colours and designs look so original and sublime, very beautiful and unseen! Congratulations!"

Patrick Grenier
Anna Casa Interiors

"Esti let me tell you, you are indeed an artist in the true sense of the word.

Some great philosopher once said that true genius cannot be without equal proportion of creativity and intellect."

Jackye Riddle

"I am have great respect and admiration for your work. I love your creativity, your skill, the effort you put into your work, your taste, the broadness of your range, the playful and the serious nature of your designs, the wealth of colours, the sobriety, the classical and the contemporary aspects of your work."

Semra Ak

"Esti's talent has resulted in the production of exemplary and bespoke designs which complement our schemes perfectly. She demonstrates great talent and ability in understanding colour, style, layout and mood. Top Floor rugs are fluid pieces. We consider them works of art in most cases and as such, they can be textural, colourful, tonal, patterned or plain. The options seem limitless."

Interior Design Director
UK High End Residential Developer

"We worked with Esti on a new build where we used her rugs in every room. It was an exciting exercise to create a specialised colour palette to fit with our scheme. Esti is very good at understanding a designer's needs and putting them into practice."

Gordon Lindsay
Gordon Lindsay Design

"Amongst the many fabric showrooms to be found at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre is a gem of a shop called Top Floor. The brainchild of rug designer Esti Barnes, it was set up in 1998 and has become a mecca for those in search of beautiful and unusual quality flooring."

The Resident

"No one can accuse Esti Barnes of creating the kind of work that quietly lies down and lets itself be walked all over."

Candy & Candy's CANDID

"Working with Top Floor has been a joy. We love the 'Etoile' rug incorporating colour ways to suit our schemes. The rugs sit well on the dark wooden floors at SOHO Hotel in our meeting rooms.
This particular design is a contemporary Classic holding its own in any setting."

Kit Kemp
Firmdale Hotels

"There is also Top Floor Rugs - very luxurious and indulgent, a treat for any interior..."

David Linley
COVER Magazine