The Wonder of Wool: Topfloor by Esti weaves its magic into Rugs with New Zealand’s Finest and Whitest

TOPFLOOR by Esti has been selected by Wools of New Zealand as the first design partner to showcase its brightest white wool made with Glacial XT™, their new wool fibre treatment technology.


True white has always been a difficult colour to achieve in wool. Until now, bleach has been the only way to get a whiter white. Unfortunately, bleached wool usually fades to yellow over time and because bleach makes the fibres more brittle, the wool is more prone to shedding. Both of these factors make bleaching unacceptable for use by many weavers and designers.

Wool is a mainstay of our production. It ticks all the boxes for look, feel, sustainability and wearability. This new development from Wools of New Zealand is great news because the new colour options of bright white as well as being able to dye more loyal colours open up lots of new design possibilities,” says Esti Barnes, founder and Creative Head of Topfloor by Esti.

We’re proud to have been selected by Wools of New Zealand to debut their bright white wool with our hand-tufted and hand-sculpted CANCAN rug which is an unashamedly feminine design evoking a wedding gown with its layers of lacy white fabric. We like the wedding dress symbolism because it underscores the whiteness, purity and novelty aspects of the Wools of New Zealand announcement.

Employing Esti’s signature sculpted style, CANCAN is ideal for placement in bedrooms, formal living rooms, main salons of superyachts and in private jets. Accompanying CANCAN, a similar crenellated design, the FANFAN rug, is also launching in black New Zealand wool and charcoal bamboo, a perfect foil to the snowy layers of CANCAN.


We selected Topfloor by Esti as the inaugural partner to showcase our whitest wool due to the alignment of our brand values of quality and integrity,” says Steven Parsons, Brand and Business Development, Wools of New zealand. “The creativity and breadth of Esti’s rug designs also stood out, alongside their international appeal.”